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Race Meetings

  • SRS Series

  • Southern Regional Series

  • April - September 2018, South England

  • There will be a standard format for the series: The entry fee remains 12, with 2 of this going to cover the admin costs of the series and 10 to clubs. Best 4 out of 6 rounds to count Entry to be capped at a maximum of 105 racers i.e. 7 heats of 15 racers. Entry is split 1 heat truggy, 1 heat e-buggy and 5 heats rallycross. If less than 15 e-buggies book in these spaces will be allocated to rallycross. 3 x 5 minute rounds of qualifying. Best 2 rounds from 3 to count. There will be an extended 5 minute warm up to the 1st round to allow people to get used to the track layout, but no open practice on race day. Finals will have 3 bump-ups minimum, usually 4. Final lengths are at the club's discretion on the day but should be a minimum of 20 minutes duration for all finals, except the e-buggy which will be 12 minutes. Winner of the A final gets 200 points, 2nd place 199 etc, with 1 additional point going to TQ. Ties for points at the end of the series will be decided on count back of best results for the trophy positions. Booking in for future rounds opens the day after each meeting.

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  • Website:
  • # Max: 105
  • Race Classes

Class Details Entry Fee PT Only Freq # Max
Rallycross Nitro powered rallycross buggies 12 GBP Yes Click 75
Rallycross - electric Rallycross buggies running electric power - hard case lipos only! 12 GBP Yes Click 15
Truggy Truggies of standard construction, either nitro or electric powered. If electric, must be hard case lipos only. 12 GBP Yes Click 15

  • Championship Rounds

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Entry Closed: 2 Sep 2018 12:00 GMT