HNMC Winter 2020/2021 Round 2

Meeting Summary

We are following the BRCA Covid Guidance Rules. Please wear face masks within the whole track area/pitting areas/rostrum. Marshalling gloves + your own hiviz vest + face mask. Pit lane face mask + hiviz + gloves. Rostrum Face mask. Prices are members £7 for Seniors and £6 for Juniors members plus £3 for two classes Non members £12 Non member two classes £15. Please send payment to our PayPal: [email protected], please make sure you include your name and which round it is in the description of the payment. You MUST supply your own gloves, Hi-viz vests, masks, and Hand Sanitiser. There are a max of one pit man per driver, if they are from a different household you must supply with their contact details. If you are feeling unwell before the event, please do not attend. 68 nitro buggy and 15 ebuggy and truggy Thanks HNMC

Drivers Buggy

Drivers Entered: 65

ID Type First Name Last Name Manufacturer Model Radio Electrics Fuel Engine
620 Buggy Nick Harwood Serpent SRX8 Pro Futaba Alpha
619 Buggy Ashley Grindley Kyosho MP9 Sanwa piranha bullitt
618 Buggy Paul Manwaring Mugen MBX7R Sanwa Protek Racing Experience Protek
617 Buggy Phil Rance Serpent SRX8 Pro Futaba Expert RC Alpha Alpha Dragon IV V2
616 Buggy Daniel Lewington Agama A319 Futaba Piranha Bullitt
615 Buggy Paul Williams Serpent Cobra SRX8 Pro Futaba Bullit
614 Buggy Martin Walters Seroent Srx8 pro Sanwa Alpha
613 Buggy Darren Lewis Serpent Srx8 pro Sanwa Sanwa Alpha
612 Buggy Steve Milne Serpent SRX8 Pro Sanwa Nitrolux OS
611 Buggy Dwayne Florant HB Racing D817v2 Sanwa Savox Hot Fire Novarossi Mantra
610 Buggy Deane Linan Agama 215 sv Sanwa Beta Piranha Bullitt
608 Buggy Usif Ali Bernard Tekno NB48 2.0 Futaba Kingmax/SRT Racing Experience REDS
606 Buggy Jason Patey Associated Rc8b3.2 Sanwa Sanwa Shoot Reds
605 Buggy Tehannah CRADOCK Kyosho MP10 Sanwa Sanwa Racing experience REDS
604 Buggy Panagiotis Chalkias KYOSHO MP9 TKI4 FUTABA SRT REDS
603 Buggy Chris Long Kyosho Mp10 Sanwa Savox Optifuel Os speed
602 Buggy Ian Dudman Kyosho MP-10 Sanwa Opti fuel Novarossi
601 Buggy Giorgos Baskozos Mugen MBX8 Sanwa Savox Optifuel Novarossi
599 Buggy James Clifford Jq Black Ko Savox Opti fuel Alpha
598 Buggy Robert Cockcroft JQ Black - - Nitrolux Ultimate M3R
597 Buggy Lewis Jones Agama A319 Sanwa Tekin Alpha Alpha Dragon 4 v2
596 Buggy Callum Niblett Sworkz S35-4 Sanwa Piranha Ielasi Tuned
595 Buggy Toby Nicoll Kyosho MP10 Sanwa MT44 Savox Byron LRP
593 Buggy Chris Smith Kyosho MP10 Sanwa Sanwa Racing Experience Reds
591 Buggy david rose Team Associated Savox Model technics bullit
590 Buggy Wayne Buckhorn Team Associated rc8b3.2 Sanwa Savox Shoot Picco
588 Buggy Taro Cradock Kyosho MP10 Sanwa Sanwa Racing Experience Reds
587 Buggy Darren Warburton AGAMA A319 Heart Dance Eon 4 Star 3.5cc
586 Buggy Tom Perkins HB RS Futaba Savox Shoot OS
585 Buggy Jamie Clancy
584 Buggy Tony Evdoka Serpent SRX8 pro Sanwa Sanwa Piranha Alpha IV
583 Buggy Kevin Brunsden Agama 319 Samwa Xpert Piranha Bullitt
582 Buggy darren keeble xray xb8 sanwa Expert hot fire Nova Rossi Mephisto
581 Buggy Michael Shorey Agama A319 Sanwa Ko Pirana B224
579 Buggy Matthew Peters Xray XB8'20 Sanwa Optifuel Alpha
577 Buggy Richard Cousins Mugen MBX8 Sanwa Hitec Hot Race Ninja
576 Buggy Chaz Godwin Mugen MBX8 KO Savox Nitrolux OS
575 Buggy Ben Reidy Team Losi Racing 8ight X Elite Futaba Savox Opti Power 25% Novarossi P5XLT/19
574 Buggy Andy Goulding Serpent SRX8 PRO Sanwa SRT Piranha Alpha IV ed2
573 Buggy Adam Armstrong serpent srx8 pro 2.4 Alpha fire power Alpha Dragon 4
572 Buggy Matt Jessup Sworkz S35-4 Sanwa exzes Sanwa Shoot Reds scuderia
571 Buggy Dave Williams Serpent SRX8 Pro Piranha Alpha
570 Buggy Jon Spencer Serpent Srx8 Pro KO Tekin Alpha Firepower Alpha Dragon IV v2
569 Buggy Kong Mckenzie Associated RC8 3.2 Sanwa Savox Z ZIP 25 OS
568 Buggy paul fitzpatrick kyosho mp10 futaba R E nova rossi
567 Buggy Michael Riviere sworkz S35-4 futaba savox pirahna alpha dragon
566 Buggy James Birch X-Ray XB8 Futaba Futaba Racing Experience Ielasi tuned
565 Buggy chris smoothy HB HBD819 SANWA EXPERT PIRANHA BULLITT
563 Buggy Matt Lock Hb racing d819rs sanwa expert optifuel novarossi
562 Buggy Keith Harris HB Racing D819RS KO Hitec hotfire Novarossi Mephisto
561 Buggy peter yaffia mugen mbx8 sanwa m17 savoxx shoot drake os an ninja
560 Buggy Max McDonnell HB D819 RS Sanwa SRT Shoot OS
559 Buggy Craig homer Hb d819 Alpha fire power Orion crf
558 Buggy Tommy Chung TLR 8X Sanwa Futaba Racing experience OS SPEED
557 Buggy steve Johnson Agama A319 spektrum Beta Hot fire Bullitt
555 Buggy dylan Saunders SWORKz S35-4 Sanwa Sanwa Piranha Bullitt
554 Buggy Arvinder Gihir Agama A319 Sanwa Racing experience Novarossi Mito 7
553 Buggy Scott Michael xray xb8 sanwa savox modeltechnics novarossi
552 Buggy Jeremy Irving HB Racing D819RS Sanwa Xpert Shoot Novarossi
551 Buggy jack ritchie kyosho mp10 sanwa sanwa hotfire reds 721
549 Buggy glen lindsey HB d8 19rs Sanwa Savox shoot SMJ Kabuto.
547 Buggy alton campbell losi 8x spectrum spectrum singma o.s
546 Buggy Simon Reeves HB Racing D819RS Sanwa Expert Shoot REDS
545 Buggy John Niall kyosho mp10 futaba model technics novarossi
544 Buggy Simon Lee Mugen MBX8 Sanwa Savox Shoot fuel Bullitt
Drivers Truggy

Drivers Entered: 0

ID Type First Name Last Name Manufacturer Model Radio Electrics Fuel Engine
Drivers E-Buggy

Drivers Entered: 8

ID Type First Name Last Name Manufacturer Model Radio Electrics Fuel Engine
609 E-Buggy Tom jones tekno eb48 2.0 sanwa hobbywing
594 E-Buggy Chris Smith Kyosho MP10 E Sanwa Orion
592 E-Buggy Mike Cradock Kyosho MP10E Sanwa Reds N/a Reds
589 E-Buggy Samuel Smith Mugen MBX7 ECO Spektrum
580 E-Buggy Paul Tapsell Associated Rc8b3.1e
578 E-Buggy chris carlisle Tekno EB48 2.0 Samwa Tekin Na 1900kv
564 E-Buggy Keith Newton Associated Rc8b3.2e Sanwa Hobbywing
556 E-Buggy peter yaffia mugen max 8 worlds sanwa m17 Savox anything I can get ninja an drake os
Drivers E-Truggy

Drivers Entered: 0

ID Type First Name Last Name Manufacturer Model Radio Electrics Fuel Engine