HNMC 2021 Summer 5

Meeting Summary

To BRCA rules COVID restrictions apply PPE to be worn to BRCA rules NO Spector's only essential people only please space out bring gazebos for pitting pit by your car all race data HNMC club members £7 HNMC junior Club members £6 all non members £12

Drivers Buggy

Drivers Entered: 77

ID Type First Name Last Name Manufacturer Model Radio Electrics Fuel Engine
1206 Buggy Mike Williams HB D819RS Sanwa
1205 Buggy James Clarke Team associated Rc8b3.2 Sanwa Savox Piranha Novarossi
1203 Buggy Simon Reeves HB Racing D819RS Sanwa Expert Piranha REDS
1202 Buggy Nathan Ralls Xray Xb8 Sanwa Xpert Piranha Fx
1201 Buggy Simon Helson xray xb8 sanwa phirana FX
1200 Buggy Josh Adams Xray XB8 19 Sanwa Orion
1199 Buggy Jochen Schwarz Mugen Mbx8 Sanwa Spectrum Reds
1198 Buggy Andy Goulding Serpent SRX8 PRO Sanwa SRT Piranha Alpha IV ed2
1197 Buggy Nevzat Atakan Losi 8ight 4.0 Flysky Noble JW Sigma Novarossi
1196 Buggy Matt Jessup Sworkz S35-4 Sanwa exzes Sanwa Shoot Reds scuderia
1195 Buggy Craig homer
1193 Buggy Ben Simpson Agama A319 sanwa Piranah Bullitt
1192 Buggy Steve Milne Serpent SRX8 Pro Sanwa Expert Nitrolux Alpha
1191 Buggy Adam Armstrong serpent srx8 pro 2.4 Alpha fire power Alpha Dragon 4
1190 Buggy Paul Abbott TLR X Elite 2.4ghz Dynamite Hotfire Ultimate
1189 Buggy Edward Lee-jones HB D819rs Sanwa Hi-tec Nitrolux Orion
1188 Buggy Jonathan Wolfe Kyosho Mp10 Futaba Na Piranah Picco
1187 Buggy Josh Graham HB D819RS Sanwa M17 Xpert Shoots OS
1186 Buggy Tom jones Tekno Nb48.4 Sanwa Vp Blok
1184 Buggy Maxim Cook HB D819RS Sanwa Expert opti OS speed
1183 Buggy Ali khawaja Kyosho MP10 Futaba Futaba Shoot O.S. Speed AD2
1179 Buggy Kevin Brunsden Agama 319 Samwa Xpert Piranha Bullitt
1178 Buggy Barry Carolan Agama A319 Sanwa Reds
1177 Buggy Otis Brown MUGEN MBX 8 FUTABA SPEKTRUM Hot fire O.S
1176 Buggy Peter van Tonder XRay XB8 '16 Futaba Savox Merlin FX
1175 Buggy Graham Alsop HB Racing D819RS Sanwa SRT Optifuel Novarossi
1174 Buggy Joel Oswick Kyosho MP10 Sanwa Hot Fire Reds
1170 Buggy Ricky Cooper Team Associated RC8b3.2 Futaba shoot fuel REDS 721
1169 Buggy Callum Niblett Sworkz
1168 Buggy James Birch X-Ray XB8 Futaba Futaba Racing Experience Ielasi tuned
1166 Buggy Taro Cradock Kyosho MP10 Sanwa Sanwa Racing Experience Reds
1165 Buggy Tehannah CRADOCK Kyosho MP10 Sanwa Sanwa Racing experience REDS
1164 Buggy Ashley Grindley Sworkz Sanwa Sanwa Reds
1163 Buggy Ashley Grindley Sworkz Sanwa Sanwa Reds
1162 Buggy chris smoothy HB HBD819 SANWA EXPERT PIRANHA BULLITT
1160 Buggy Carl Chillingsworth Team Associated Rc8b3.2 Ko Propo Mks Nitrolux Lrp
1157 Buggy Wayne Buckhorn Kyosho MP10 TKI2 Sanwa Savox Shoot O.S
1156 Buggy Lewis Jones Agama A319 Sanwa Tekin Piranha Bullit
1153 Buggy Hattie Tames xray xb8 sanwa
1152 Buggy alton campbell losi 8x spectrum spectrum singma o.s
1151 Buggy Simon Lee Mugen MBX8 Sanwa Srt Shoot fuel Bullitt
1147 Buggy James Clifford Jq Black Ko Savox Opti fuel Alpha
1146 Buggy Holger Lykke Xray XB8 Futaba KO Nitro FX
1145 Buggy Erik Lykke Xray XB8 Futaba KO Nitro FX
1143 Buggy glen lindsey HB d8 19rs Sanwa Savox shoot SMJ Kabuto.
1142 Buggy darren keeble xray xb8 sanwa Expert hot fire Nova Rossi Mephisto
1141 Buggy paul fitzpatrick kyosho mp10 tki2 futaba R E Reds
1140 Buggy peter yaffia mugen mbx8 sanwa m17 savoxx shoot drake os an ninja
1139 Buggy Darren Warburton AGAMA A319 Heart Dance Eon 4 Star 3.5cc
1138 Buggy Usif Ali Bernard Tekno NB48 2.0 Futaba Kingmax/SRT Racing Experience REDS
1136 Buggy Christopher Grimes Mugen MBX8 Futaba Futaba VP O.S
1134 Buggy Jamie Clancy
1133 Buggy Jimmy Whitehall Team Associated RC8B3.2 Sanwa Reedy Piranha Bullitt
1132 Buggy Luke Bennett Agama A319 ko pro Piranha B224
1131 Buggy david rose Team Associated Savox Model technics bullit
1130 Buggy Chris Long Kyosho Mp10 Sanwa Savox Optifuel Os speed
1129 Buggy Cayden Stenhouse Agama A319 Sanwa REDS
1128 Buggy Robert Johnson Team associated Rc8 3.2 Sanwa zz Reedy Piranha Lrp
1127 Buggy Howard Elston HB Racing D819RS Futaba Savox Hot Fire OS Speed
1126 Buggy Matthew Peters Xray XB8'20 Sanwa Optifuel Alpha
1125 Buggy Ben Reidy Team Losi Racing 8ight X Elite Futaba Savox Opti Power 25% Novarossi P5XLT/19
1124 Buggy steve Johnson Agama A319 spektrum Beta Hot fire Bullitt
1123 Buggy Jason Patey Sworks S35-4 Sanwa Savox Piranha Reds
1121 Buggy dylan Saunders SWORKz S35-4 Sanwa Sanwa Piranha Bullitt
1120 Buggy Toby Nicoll Kyosho Tki2 Sanwa Savox Model technics OS Speed
1119 Buggy Michael Riviere sworkz S35-4 futaba savox pirahna alpha dragon
1118 Buggy Richard Cousins Mugen MBX8 Sanwa Hitec Hot Race Ninja
1117 Buggy Chaz Godwin Mugen MBX8 KO Savox Nitrolux OS
1116 Buggy Keith Newton Team Associated RC8B3.2 Sanwa Reedy Vp Os Speed
1115 Buggy Jeremy Irving HB Racing D819RS Sanwa Xpert Shoot REDS
1114 Buggy Adam Reavey JQ Racing Black Edition Sanwa Ultimate
1110 Buggy John Niall Kyosho MP10 Futaba Model technics Novarossi
1108 Buggy Big Dave Ritchie Kyosho Mp9 Sanwa Ko Hotfire Reds 721
1106 Buggy Keith Harris Mugen MBX8 WE KO Novarossi
1105 Buggy Dean Norsworthy Kyosho MP9 KO Savox Optifuel Novarossi
1104 Buggy jack ritchie kyosho mp10 sanwa sanwa hotfire reds 721
Drivers Truggy

Drivers Entered: 8

ID Type First Name Last Name Manufacturer Model Radio Electrics Fuel Engine
1209 Truggy Brin Tourle sworkz 350t sanwa xpert piranha bullitt
1194 Truggy Richard Cousins Agama 215T Sanwa Spektrum Racing Experience OS Tessman
1182 Truggy Robert Johnson Ae Rc8t Sanwa Reedy Os
1181 Truggy paul fitzpatrick kyosho mp10t futaba R E Reds
1180 Truggy Richard Chillingsworth Tekno Futaba Nitrolux
1173 Truggy Adam Kushner mugen mbx8 futaba
1158 Truggy Wayne Buckhorn Mugen MBX8T Sanaa m17 Savox Shoot O.s
1155 Truggy Darren Ridgley Kyosho Mp10 t Futaba Sanwa Racing experience Picco boost
Drivers E-Buggy

Drivers Entered: 14

ID Type First Name Last Name Manufacturer Model Radio Electrics Fuel Engine
1172 E-Buggy Adam Kushner Mugen Mbx8 Futaba
1171 E-Buggy Luciano Pini Mugen MBX8 Sanwa Hobbyking
1167 E-Buggy Taro Cradock Kyosho MP10e Sanwa Kyosho Kyosho Kyosho
1161 E-Buggy Miklos Szabados Sworkz S35-4e Ko Hobbywing
1159 E-Buggy Darren Pollard Kyosho Mp10e Sanwa Hobbywing Electricity
1154 E-Buggy Dave Shedd Xray Xb8e Sanwa Hobbywing
1149 E-Buggy Steve Chantler Jq Black edition 2.4 speccy Hobvywing Lipo 2050 tekin
1148 E-Buggy Nigel James Mugen MBX7R Eco Sanwa Hobbywing Surpass
1144 E-Buggy Torben Lykke Xray XB8E
1137 E-Buggy Paul Tapsell Associated Rc8b3.1e
1135 E-Buggy Jamie Clancy Ae
1112 E-Buggy Alex Reavey JQ Racing Black Edition Sanwa Hobbywing
1109 E-Buggy Will Bowles Kyosho MP10e Sanwa Hobbywing
1107 E-Buggy James Kitley HB Racing E819 Spektrum Hobbywing Performa
Drivers E-Truggy

Drivers Entered: 0

ID Type First Name Last Name Manufacturer Model Radio Electrics Fuel Engine